My name is Ken Brandon and I am President of STUCCO DOCTOR.  My father started in the stucco business in 1947, the year I was born.  Throughout my life I have worked with my father, and now my children, to improve stucco products and services.  We have actually invested over $500,000.00 in conjunction with the Federal Government of Canada’s “Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program”.  As a result we created and perfected several breakthrough treatments for stucco care and restoration…among them the Pro-tech Restucco with a lifetime guarantee and the Liquid Stucco system…products unique to STUCCO DOCTOR.

Apart from these normal services, which have been mainly applied on single family dwellings, we also focused our considerable experience and training to the multi-family dwelling…the condominium.
As the largest stucco care and restoration company in Canada, we were there when the ‘leaky condo’ crisis began.  We saw the development of the new types of buildings with their unprotected balconies, small overhangs and plastic acrylic stucco finishes.  We saw mushrooms growing out of stucco walls five years after being built.

We called City Hall, we called inspectors, and we called the Building Code Branch of the Provincial Government…although polite, it seemed that our concerns fell on deaf ears.  As a result, I decided to become better educated about the causes of this growing dilemma and solutions to rectify the emerging problems.  I returned to university, along with some of our STUCCO DOCTOR associates, graduating from the ‘Building Envelope Professional program’. 

As we fulfilled all requirements of experience and track record, we were accepted as some of the first licensed ‘Home Protection Office’ building restoration companies.  However, after a number of years of seeing buildings being required to do an astronomically expensive, complete tear-off, and new ‘rain screen’ application, where little rot was actually found, we left the program.
In short, the insurance companies that had been paying out millions of dollars in settlements in the ‘leaky condo’ fiasco now refused to give ‘E&O” coverage to any engineer or contractor remedying these buildings, unless a complete tear-off and ‘rain screen’ was done…at the cost of millions of dollars of unnecessary repairs.  Coupled with the low threshold set by the Homeowner’s Protection Office for which a building was determined to be ‘required’ to have this level of repair done, the situation was more than disturbing.  Unfortunately, even older buildings which not ‘leaky condos’, but which were only addressing standard maintenance repairs, were being forced into the ‘Cadillac’ process.

Consequently, we now turned our over fifty years of ‘hands-on’ experience, the education we had received, and the considerable investment in SR&ED to develop a new remedial approach we call the ‘Water Management System”.  Basically, this system acknowledges that water will negatively impact the building envelope and cannot be completely eliminated.  Targeted repairs and building modifications have allowed us to restore condominium projects to a ‘better than new’ condition for just a fraction of the cost of a total tear-off process that has become today’s ‘norm’.  Now after almost ten years of doing these projects, we can still boast, ”Never an Unsatisfied Complaint”!

I encourage you to read over the information on this site to find out more about this important breakthrough.