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Residental Homeowners...

As homeowners you need to source out good information about the cladding on the private home that you own.

You need a company that will respond quickly, communicate well and stand behind their work….so that you don’t have to take the heat for something poorly done.  You need cost effective services that make good use of homeowner resources and don’t break the budget
You want people who don’t look like they have woken up on the street and walked onto the site…non smoking, non swearing personnel that respect the property for what it is….a persons home.

You need a company with a track record that spans not a few years but decades of service with never an unsatisfied complaint.

You need a company that knows why some envelopes fail and others last for 50 years.  A company that knows what can be done to correct deficient designs without the millions of dollars of tear off….and that has a 10 year record of doing it without a single failed project, a single un-honoured guarantee, or a single unsatisfied complaint.

At stucco doctor we have services from patch and repair, to maintenance solutions, to planned progressive projects to lifetime solutions for the private or multi family home.

Our patch a repair service is reliable and cost effective.  We know what makes stucco “tick “  and how to fix it properly.  We are not the company to call just to cover over a problem or throw a bunch of cement into a hole and call it good enough.  We protect the ground, shrubs and surrounding area….we properly prepare the damaged area and then install the best materials in the industry.  Many of these products that we use are things that we have invented or improved….things to reduce cracking such as our quick-patch…cement and fiber based patching compound.  Crack-stop….a special expanded metal sheet that reinforces and strengthens the patched area.

We have techniques for closely matching the existing finishes so that the patch can blend in as well as possible.  It must be admitted that patching is never totally invisible and that we cannot guarantee an invisible repair.  But we do give a two year guarantee on any patch that we do.  Cracking around a patched area is common…the blend of the old and the new….but we will seal it inside so that it cannot damage the substrate below.

You need sensible solutions to stucco problems!

In short you need ... STUCCO DOCTOR!

What should be looked for when considering testing a stucco building?.
What kind of testing do you recommend for stucco moisture testing?
Is stucco suitable on our wet west coast?   How long does it last?   How thick should it be?
Can stucco be refinished or over-coated?  What can be done if it is already painted?
What has caused so many ‘leaky condos’ and buildings?
Why are so many buildings having the stucco or cladding torn off after just a few years?
Is a total tear off and rain screen option the only answer to envelope weaknesses?
How does the Water Management System work?
Does the ‘leaky condo’ problem apply to private detached housing?